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Our suppliers

Most have a website that you can find by clicking on the product name, and where you can order online.

Honey : Nathalie and Sven work, in Sénéchas, with a herd of 200 beehives that they move according to the blooms, from the scrubland to the mountains, passing through the Cévennes valleys. They promote the practice of healthy beekeeping, the harvest of quality products. But above all, sharing with the greatest number is their real passion. Do not hesitate to visit them.

Wines : Le Clos Laroque, in the Simon cellar, produces IGP Cévennes wines. 5 of their wines have been selected by Gault and Millau in 2014. And they got a Gold medal for their Gamay in 2015. Great recognition for their work on this family property from the 17th th century.

Breads and pastries : you can buy everything you taste here at the Vialas bakery with Anne for sale and Michel at the bakery. Their products are exceptional because of the production choices made. Michel is also a poet: reading his blog (with also sections on all his work at the bakery) is a delight.

Pélardons: our pélardons come from Catherine Diumenge de Sénéchas. You can buy them at the Génolhac market on Saturday morning.

Sweet onions: we buy those of Lionel ZINSSTAG (from Bonnevaux) in organic production, at the Génolhac market (in season).

Wild boar / roe deer: nothing more direct as an origin; they were shot in the town of Vialas. We have a lot …

Trout : The originality of this organic fish farming, since 2009, is the breeding from a floating platform which supports ponds 12m deep (unique in France on a dam lake). Fed only with fish meal, rainbow trout are reared in “semi-freedom” which guarantees a final product that resembles wild fish. Régis Fabre has also set up an artisanal smoking workshop with preparation by hand, salting without any preservative and cold smoking. On sale directly at the workshop or on the Villefort market on Thursday mornings.

Herbal teas : Léna is a producer of aromatic plants in Organic Agriculture and Nature and Progress in Saint Germain de Calberte. All his love and knowledge of plants is reflected in his wonderful subtly aromatic blends like an armful of freshly picked flowers. To taste with pleasure in summer and winter.

Chestnuts and products made from them:

La Clède from Emilie Peyric to La Clède in Aujac: an essential know-how! 11th generation traditionally working this fruit from the “Breadfruit Tree” of the Cévennes. During the visit, you will also discover trunk apiaries (local hive in a trunk of chestnut trees).

The Shepherd Gatherer : the chestnut, in all its forms, but masterfully revised and corrected by Lelya Benali, who concocts original products with overwhelming taste.

Our partners

Since 2009, we have been part of the catalog of “Self-guided hikes” of Chamina Travel . If you want to discover Mont Lozère, a formidable granite bar, an immense reserve of water and a land of springs, in freedom, our partner suggests that you cross this mountain, unique for its climate, its landscapes shaped by the erosion that gave rise to these huge blocks of granite, thanks to a 7 day / 6 night trip. 6 days of hiking with eco-tourist receptions (at 3 providers) to discover the typical architecture of Mont Lozère and the Cévennes while letting you be surprised by the variety of contrasts of the landscapes.

-> More information on their website: Click here .

We have been affiliated with the SmartBox gift box since June 2008, and Wonderbox since 2011.


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